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Community Resources

Republic Trash Service

Customer Service: 636-947-5959

Trash, recycling, and yard waste pick-ups are scheduled on Wednesdays.  See below for more details on trash, recycling

and yard waste.

Missouri-American Water Company (MOAW) 

Customer Service: 866-430-0820


Ameren UE

Customer Service: 800-552-7583

Spire Energy

24-Hour Customer Service: 314-621-6960

Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District

24-Hour Customer Service: 314-768-6260


MSD Project Clear

Bel-Nor City Hall

8416 Natural Bridge Road

St. Louis, MO 63121-4550

P: 314-381-2834 


Non-Emergency Police: 636-529-8210

Emergency: 911

Curbside Pick-up

Republic Services is the contracted trash hauler for the residents of Bel-Nor. Trash, recycle, yard waste and bulk materials are included in your weekly curbside service.

WEDNESDAY is pick-up day for trash, recycling, & yard waste

Holidays: If the following days fall on M, T, W, collection will be on THURSDAY: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving & Christmas

BASICS: All trash/recycling needs to be in a bin and all trash bins need a lid. Put weekly trash/recycle/yard waste out no earlier than 4 p.m. the day before trash day and bring it in by 11:59 p.m. on trash day. See below for recycling & yard waste details.

CARTS: One 95-gallon trash cart and one 65-gallon recycle cart is included with your service. Additional containers are available for a fee, contact Republic Services.


BULK: Two bulk items are included with your service each month at no charge. Bulk item pick up is your last service day of the month. Pick-up needs to be schedule through Republic Services.


APPLIANCES: Appliances will be collected at the curb but need to be scheduled through Republic Services. There is a fee. Many appliance stores will remove old appliances at no charge when delivering new ones, check out that option first!


ELECTRONIC WASTE: Electronic waste cannot be disposed of with your weekly curbside waste collection. Republic Services will pick up for a fee. Check the St. Louis County website for free periodic Electronic Waste drives.


YARD WASTE: Acceptable containers are biodegradable paper bags; personal containers marked with an “X”; bundles of twigs/branches tied with string/twine. All containers have a weight limit of 50lbs. Tree trimmings/branches cannot exceed 4’ in length and 6” in diameter.


Curbside Recycling

These items are accepted in your recycling bin:


Cans of soup, tuna, vegetables, meat, pet food, soft drinks, water, etc.

Clean aluminum foil:

ball it up!


Cereal, pasta, frozen food, any paperboard boxes,

empty paper rolls,

delivery boxes,

pizza boxes with small grease spots


Bottles: Beer, wine, & liquor 

Jars: pickles, olives, jelly, sauces, spices, baby food 

Rinse, dry, and

keep the lid on


Magazines, mail, newspaper, office paper, paper bags,

non-glitter wrapping paper,  tissue paper,

catalogs, greeting cards,  receipts, paper egg cartons


Milk, juice, juice boxes, coconut water, soup broth, boxed wine

Rinse it out before you put it in the bin.


Yogurt, sour cream, ketchup, salad dressing, water bottles, soap bottles, clear take-out containers, laundry bottles


Keep lids on bottles.

Do not bag recyclables, keep them loose.

Items should be relatively clean and dry.

75% Recyclable

75% of trash can be recycled. Easy items to recycle beyond curbside: styrofoam, stretch plastic, batteries, wine corks:

check out

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