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City Tree Board

Update from the Tree Board: 

Starting June 10 2024, and continuing throughout the summer, the Beyond Housing Forestry and Community Conservation

staff supported by the MO Dept of Conservation will conduct their annual tree survey for all public trees in

Bel-Nor and the 24:1 community. The survey will assess the overall health, life expectancy and the

management recommendations for the trees. This survey influences the decisions regarding trees in Bel-Nor's

easements and public areas. Trees marked for removal will be dotted with orange paint. 

This project will be put out to bid in the fall, with tree removal scheduled between November and March.

For any questions, please contact City Hall, and we will connect you with the

Beyond Housing Forestry and Community Conservation Staff. 

This is an annual survey completed in the summer. Decisions, bids, and budgets are determined in the fall and removal and trimming completed between November and March. 

Tree planting in the easements is typically planned in the fall, stay tuned for sign-ups on this page. 

Tree Board Responsibilities

Annually, Bel-Nor's Tree Board with the assistance of Beyond Housing and
the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) Community Forester Cost Share Program,

work to secure funding for vital tree-related initiatives. This collaborative effort helps 

address potential hazards associated with diseased trees, ensuring that our community continues to reap

the numerous benefits they provide. From mitigating stormwater impact to purifying our air and enhancing

the aesthetic appeal of the City of Bel-Nor, this work underscores our commitment to creating

a healthier and more beautiful place to live.
Every year, Beyond Housing partners with MDC to provide trees to plant along the city easements, along with tree removal

and maintenance. Our tree-lined street help maintain the character of the city and is a priority to Bel-Nor's tree board,

the elected officials, and the residents. 

The health benefit of trees has been studied many times:

It encourages people to get outdoors, it connects people to nature, it helps with erosion and flooding,

the list goes on and on.  Bel-Nor loves our tree-lined streets! If you are interested in a tree,

please contact a member of the board below.  

Chairman - Joe Riebold
(314) 496-2574 (Cell)
(314) 381-2834 (Office)

Members: Denny Blase, Dan Riley, Margaret Saak, Bill Hook

City Tree Board

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